Centre for Fortean Zoology (Cryptozoology)



The Centre for Fortean Zoology, founded in 1992, is the world’s largest and longest standing organisation investigating mystery animals across the world, animal folklore, and the truth behind animal myths and legends. Out advisory board includes the world’s greatest experts on the subject, including Dr Karl Shuker, Richard Freeman, Lars Thomas and Jonathan Downes.


Not only are we the biggest organisation of our type in the world, but - or so we like to think - we are the best. We are certainly the only truly global cryptozoological research organisation, and we carry out our investigations using a strictly scientific set of guidelines. We are expanding all the time and looking to recruit new members to help us in our research into mysterious animals and strange creatures across the globe.


Each year since 2000 we have held our annual convention - the Weird Weekend. It is three days of lectures, workshops, and excursions. But most importantly it is a chance for members of the CFZ to meet each other, and to talk with the members of the permanent directorate in a relaxed and informal setting and preferably with a pint of beer in one hand. Since 2006 - the Weird Weekend has been bigger and better and held on the third weekend in August here in North Devon.


The Centre for Fortean Zoology is managed by the CFZ Trust, which also manages the CFZ Publishing Group which, as well as being the world’s largest publishers of Fortean Zoological material, also publishes books on other subjects by local authors. In 2015 the CFZ Trust will be launching Wyrd Music, a community record company. Both the book and Record companies aim to take the profit motive out of their business dealings and to give a voice to people, especially young and disabled people from North Devon, who would otherwise not have an outlet for their creativity. Noth


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