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Terms and Conditions:

The booking is made on the understanding that:

  • The hirer has read a copy of the user guide, and passed on information to relevant members of their group.

  • The hirer accepts full responsibility for its organisation/members using the facility with regard to any damage caused during their usage time.

  • The hirer will ensure that The Organisation maintains the WOOLSACH's No Smoking & No vaping policy at all times while its members are indoors.

  • The hirer is to ensure that members of The Organisation use only the facility (ies) /room(s)* booked to them during the times shown and that it does not allow its members to enter any other rooms or use any facility for which they have not booked (except where specifically agreed with the Booking Clerk at the time of the booking).

  • The Responsible Person is to ensure that the premises are secure / the key is returned to the Booking Clerk (except where another arrangement is agreed) within 30 minutes of leaving the premises.

  • The WOOLSACH TRUSTEES will not be held responsible for any injury, however caused, to any person using its facilities, whether booked or not, nor will it be held responsible for the theft or damage to any property taken into, or left within, the premises.

  • No Alcohol of any description is allowed on the premises except that purchased through the Social Club Bar. 

  • All members of the Organisation leave the premises at the end of the booked period.

  • All Rubbish is to be removed from the premises by the hirer, as there are no disposal facilities available. (If using caterers, please inform them)

  • If you have requested that the Social Club be open, the normal social club rules apply, apart from membership.

  • The hall MUST be left in a Clean Condition. Any breakages or damage will result in additional charges being applied to your original booking charge, as will additional cleaning charges.

  • The trustees reserve the right to amend or cancel any booking, without recompense, - this is likely for occasional community events, such as a pantomime, which uses the whole building. Reasonable notice will be given.

  • Organisers of large events must provide a car parking steward to ensure cars parked with regards to potential access for emergency services - including to Meadow Court houses.

use this to pre-pay any booking fee amount

village child party £30

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