We hope to be able to provide some affordable housing on land owned by the community hall. This will be 4 single units at a low rent. The parish survey, organised by the Parish Council, has shown a need. We have funding to apply for planning and design the housing. We have “in principal” approval from planning, provided we design and site it sympathetically.

There is, as always, a great big BUT. – we need to find some money! We hope we can build for £180,000, but that will depend on the detailed design. We expect to get a grant for half of that. So we need to raise the rest. Donations towards this would be gratefully accepted, but the bulk of the money is likely to be as loans – at as favourable a rate of interest as possible!

If you think you can help with ANY of the following, please contact Brian for a confidential discussion (01237451627). We would like to keep everything local.

Loan or donations Site clearance  Legal services  Site work    Building work  Landscaping  We already have had a generous offer from A Cann (Cadworks) - the architect in the village.

The housing will be tenancy only (NEVER for sale), for local needs, and ideal for our youngsters who want to stay in the village – assuming they can prove housing need, as per our 106 agreement. With Community help and support, we can deliver something that lots of people have been asking for, and will benefit the community. In the long run, once the loans are repaid, we would expect funds to be available for community benefit. Please get in touch—it can only happen with support!


Come and find out about our ideas, and give us your thoughts on the plans, and using the surplus hall land for the housing.

Wed 27th Nov

hall meeting room