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With the end of lockdown in site, several groups are planning activities in and around the village/parish. We are a small community and it seems sensible to all work together, for the benefit of all, rather than have event clashes. With this in mind, here is a PARISH calendar for everyone to use for one off events. If your group needs access to make changes, e mail

Wherever you are planning your event, please use this calendar - it is a PARISH events calendar, NOT a hall calendar.

If your event is "draft", please say so, along with the organisation and brief details. Some groups have long-standing fund raising events, and it would be polite not to "steal" their event without discussing with the group involved.

This is NOT the hall calendar, so any hall events need to be booked in the normal way. If you need to book the hall, and it appears to be unavailable, please contact us - with goodwill and flexibility something may be possible.

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