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We have a well equipped gym see photo below), always available, and only £10 a month.

Download application form.

Download standing order form.

Please return form to social club. For further information, complete form below.

If you need a sports massage or other treatment, click HEALTH


Standard Rules & information for users.

Please note membership is monthly, and personal to the member.

The facility is being provided at a low cost, but this relies on TRUST. Non members are not allowed access via your membership, and as you have an individual key, security of the building must be respected and protected at all times. A refundable deposit of £20 is required for the key, which must be returned on demand.

You are entitled to use the facility whenever you wish, in the period covered by your membership. If you wish to cancel, please confirm in writing, & return your key.

You have signed to state that you have read and will comply with the rules.

Please keep the area clean and tidy, and do not leave equipment dismantled.

 It is obvious that the equipment requires physical activity. As you know your own limits, you are responsible for deciding what you can and cannot attempt. You are strongly advised to warm up and warm down.

If you have ANY medical condition it is your responsibility to check with a doctor if you have limitations.

The community hall cannot be held liable for any accidents or injuries, however they occur.

No instruction is given, so any equipment that you are unfamiliar with should be "googled" for information.  If you do not understand anything, be safe, and do not use.

Users are the best people to identify any equipment problems. Please report any minor issues in the log provided. Anything else (or if in doubt), please record in log book, and attach sign to the piece of equipment “do not use”, where it can be clearly seen. Ideally contact one of the people on the contact list.

Please close windows when leaving, or rain will cause damage.

Music is permitted, but not to annoy other users (so discuss & compromise!!), and not so loud that it disturbs neighbours.

No alcohol to be brought onto the premises. You should bring your own drink, and a toilet is at the top of the stairs. There is also a massage room if needed!!

The rules may be amended at any time, and posted on the notice board. These will take precedence over any previous rules.

Membership can be withdrawn by Woolsach at any time, without reasons being given.

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