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COVID-19 spreads by :-

Close contact – so social distancing

Coughs & sneezes, especially indoors – so face masks

Touch transmission from hand to hard surfaces – so hand & surface sanitisers

And everybody has a responsibility to reduce the spread


but VERY frustrating, as they keep changing the format!

Trustees have decided to open the community hall for community use, but, as may be expected, there are terms and conditions! Apologies for that, but it is for the protection of the whole community.


The hall will provide hands free hand sanitiser and spray sanitiser. We will also ensure toilets are cleaned on a regular basis (depending on use), but we cannot provide a cleaner after every group has vacated the building. Face masks MUST be worn in doorways and corridors to avoid unprotected close contact.


Ventilation is important. All users should open additional doors / windows, so please dress accordingly as the weather cools down. Also close them when leaving.


All rooms are now available. The kitchen is available, but no more than 2 people. Sanitise before handling anything, and wash up in hot water, and leave to drain. Tables are already erected in the main hall. Chairs are now stacked and labelled for different groups in the store cupboard. Currently we keep bookings in bowls room and meeting room to 3 days or more apart to ensure no transmission from the soft chairs. 


ALL users are requested to bring their own personal sanitiser and hand wipes (available from supermarkets) to use on a regular basis.

They are also expected to act responsibly with COVID-19 in mind.

We need to state the obvious - if you are feeling unwell, or there is any possibility that you have been in contact with somebody with Covid -19 symptoms, then DO NOT come to the hall.


The person hiring the hall should book in the normal way BOOKING FORM.

That person will be responsible for making decisions on compulsory face masks and the social distancing relevant to their group. They also need to ensure and enforce everyone regularly sanitises, especially before and after exiting the toilets, which ideally should be controlled to one person at a time.

The hirer will also be responsible for returning chairs/tables after use, and spray sanitising any surfaces that will have been touched, including doors and in the toilets. Also ensuring adequate ventilation and closing doors/windows when leaving.

If music is played, it must not require raised voices for conversation.

A list and contact details of all attendees must be kept for 21 days.

We will also require an e mail from the hirer confirming that they will comply with these conditions, and this is below.


These rules may change on a regular basis. The current situation will be as the COVID tab on Trustees reserve the right to cancel any event or booking.

I am sending this form to confirm that our group will comply with the conditions as above & relevant government guidelines.

Thanks for submitting!

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