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 This is a community building and we have two choices.


1  assume that as no-one owns it, someone else is responsible for anything and everything, and it does not matter if we just use it and abuse it


2    by using this community building, we accept we are part of the community. We have a responsibility to the next person who uses it, and to try to keep costs down for the benefit of everyone.


The trustees believe that the second option is the only real choice. However, it is clear that some people are taking the first option. We assume that this is through lack of understanding, so this guide has been produced to help.


All village organisations are entitled to appoint a trustee, who can act as a communication channel. Any problems or suggestions should be put to trustee meetings by this person. 

Please remember that the trustees are busy volunteers, who do their best for the community, but can occasionally make mistakes or errors of judgement!

Updated july 2020




Anyone coming onto these premises is responsible for their own safety. They should check that anything used is in good, safe, condition, and they are competent. The trustees cannot be held liable for persons or property on the premises. (this does not affect your statutory rights)



All user groups with children are required to have their own child protection policy. A vulnerable adult policy should also be considered. Examples are available



The main door must be locked when leaving the building



All doors wedged open must be closed when the building is empty. In case of fire, sound the alarm, and make sure the building is fully evacuated. Please help any disabled persons. Please ensure you, and your group, are familiar with fire points.



A cupboard is in the kitchen. Please do not take items unnecessarily, as they may be needed in an emergency. All use of the first aid box must be recorded, as should any accidents.



The external lights are all automatically operated.

The main corridor lights are on the switch just inside the second entry door. All meeting/function rooms, the kitchen, and some stores, have manual switches. Everything else is automatic. Most rooms have different levels of lighting, so please use the minimum needed for your activity. Before leaving, look in the main hall to check all lights are off.



This is set to come on for an hour a day. Whenever the showers, or more hot water, is needed the manual override in the foyer should be used.



All electrical equipment brought on site must be PAT tested.



All heating is controlled by time switches in the plant room. These are  set according to regular bookings. Occasionally, heat will be required when the system is not on. In this case, the manual override switches Iin foyer can be used. For economy, only use the zone needed.



Spare toilet rolls, towels and soap are kept in the in the cleaning room.

The cleaner should not be expected to clear up unreasonable mess & dirty nappies left by any group. Please check this area after use. Also ensure basins are empty & clean.



In order to keep cleaning costs to a realistic level, all users are responsible for cleaning up. If drinks have been used this will usually mean using a damp mop.  Please take away your own rubbish - and any other left around.



Please read the oven instructions, and clean after use. The warming cupboard can also be used, but the deep fat fryer should not be used without asking trustees. Items should not be left in the fridge or freezer.



Stores should be kept tidy - but that is stating the obvious.

The upstairs stores are for individual groups, who can have their own space, but we cannot be held responsible for any losses that occur



Padded black chairs can move around as required, plastic chairs should be kept stacked under the stairs in the main store. A chair trolley makes movement easy. Most tables should be stacked in the main store.



Groups can have their own blue notice board. Acrylic holders are for public information. Please handle carefully as they can break.


Check windows in the roof, heating is off, and external fire door is closed.



Has to be paid, and it is unfair to all, if he has to clean up behind those to lazy to do it themselves. We will have to charge those who make additional work, or who leave rubbish behind.



Indoor basketball, table tennis, badminton, volleyball, is available to use. Please look after equipment, and keep it tidy. Snooker and bowls are also available on request.



Please pick up any litter you see, and you are entitled to moan about the unthoughtful person who left it.

Also drive carefully in the car park, and look out for children when reversing. Be aware that we have CCTV



The trustees have reluctantly decided that no dogs (except guide dogs) should be allowed on site, unless in a car. This is due to the irresponsible behaviour of those who make life very unpleasant for the many children and adults who play football. Please help enforce this.



If you have an idea for an activity that is not going on at the moment, then talk to the trustees, or better still, organise something.


WE ARE A COMMUNITY, so please try to support and promote other groups events whenever possible, and we hope to see everyone in the social club from time to time For up to date information

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